How we give back

Newcastle Night Angels

Leigh and Taylah are heading down to volunteer Friday the 16th Sept at night. We have a staff room full of donations…clothes/beanies/gloves/blankets/all sorts of toiletries that we have collect for the last few months and will donate to the homeless on Friday night when they come for a feed.

More ways we give back

Sisterhood Of Basket Blong Titties

Anita has been collecting donations and distributing Bras to the women in the islands of Vanuatu & Fiji for quite awhile. The women there do not have access to many of the basic things we take for granted everyday.

There is lots of information and photos on the facebook page.

Collecting Lawn Bowls for the children of the Cook Islands

On a previous trip to the Cook Islands Anita saw that the children had a love of playing lawn bowls…..there were many many children but only a set or two of bowls… we have collected a large amount of sets of lawn bowls that will be shipped to the children in the near  future for their pleasure.

Anita also donates frequently to many of our local charities by donating Gift Packs/Hampers/Monetary contributions to fundraisers – here is a list of some of  the charities she has donated to since July 16.

  • Viper Creek Bank
  • Bea’us fundraiser
  • Sum Of Us – Palm Oil Promo
  • Camp Quality
  • Real Futures
  • Adam Eckersley Band Fundraiser
  • Jos County for Cystic Fibrosis
  • NSW Police Legacy
  • Wildlife Rescue
  • 48hr Famine
  • Rotary Club Nelson Bay
  • Bowel Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
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